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Classifications of Intellectual Property Rights
Titles 15 (Trademarks), 17 (Copyrights) and 35 (Patents) of the United States Code.

What types of property can accrue intellectual property rights?
A reasoning criteria to assist in evaluation of the kinds of property sufficiently creative to be protected by intellectual property rights.

Representation Under International Treaties or Adversarial Cases
Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), Paris Union Treaty and Federal Courts.

The Pearce Professional Paradigm
How the Counseling The Creative® office works efficiently.

Monthly Mailer ™
L inks to information about intellectual property Mr. Pearce has previously forwarded to his clients.

 Who's Needs Can We Meet?
Corporations, businesses, firms and individuals.

 Just the Facts
Facts about the Counseling The Creative® practice.

Contact Information
Information detailing how to contact Counseling The Creative®.

Who is Kenneth F. Pearce?
Practice history, professional admissions and legal employment.

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